Top 5 Audition Tips to help you Ace your Next Audition

Top 5 Audition Tips to help you Ace your Next Audition
Get ready to ace your next audition

1) Bea human.
People hire people..a huge part of the casting process is hiring great people. Ultimately, casting don’t just want a great actor, they want a good team-player.

2) Recognise the value you canadd.
You’re there to solve a casting problem that the CD & their team have been hired to fix.

3) This is your time to do what you love.
Every audition is an opportunity to act… to do what you love. So have fun with it!

4) If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.
There is literally nothing you can do if you don’t book the job. So, accept & embrace casting’s decision and look for the next opportunity.

5) Line up another audition before you go
If you can, line up another audition for a day or two after this one (on the same day would be great, too). It takes the pressure off you HAVING to land THIS role because there’s another opportunity waiting just around the corner

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