How to create a homepage banner

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A homepage banner is displayed on a visible part of the webpage as soon as it loads. This part is also called Above The Fold area. Since this area gets first impressions, almost all businesses and marketers place a high value on this area.

For a banner to be effective, we must include the following parts:

  1. A pleasing design along with a conceptual image
  2. A clearly stated descriptive headline
  3. Call to action button

When these components are present with persuasive content, there is likely to be more inquiry or visits to the service page. That’s why online marketers suggest business owners to have an effective homepage banner.

How to create a homepage banner with Rise Blocks.

There are multiple ways to create a banner section for your home page. We will go through the two methods using Rise Blocks so that you will learn how to create an effective homepage banner.

Using Section block, Advance heading block, and advance button block

homepage banner

You can create this banner image using a combination of section block, advance heading block, and advance button block. Here are the steps on how you can get this banner section for your homepage.

  1. First, click on the Add block icon and then click on the Rise Blocks category.
  2. Click on the Section block icon to get a section in your WordPress editor.
section block
  1. Select the Section block. You will find the Block setting in the right sidebar. Now, you need to customize the setting in order to get the desired outcome.
  2. Under General settings, click on full width as a container type.
section blocks - general section
  1. Choose the Image as a background type and select your desired image.
  2. Set image size as full. You can set the background-position as default, top center, or center according to the nature of the image.
  3. If you like to overlay the image with color then use a background overlay setting. You can choose the color value and opacity of the color from the setting.
section block - background
  1. Now it’s time for spacing. Under Section (padding) section, click the link button to unlink top, right, bottom, and left from each other.
  2. You can now put the desired value in the top and bottom in order to make the heading in the middle of the banner.
section blocks - spacing
  1. Now add the Advanced Heading block with the same process as that of Section block.
  2. Write the h